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Delving Deep

Delving Deep

by DelvingDeep


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Delving Deep
Delving Deep
Delving Deep
Delving Deep
Delving Deep
Delving Deep

About Delving Deep: 

As either Rekkr or Thora, you embark on a heroic mission to track down your missing kin and Thrazoc’s legendary group of adventurers from within the labyrinthine Mt Gorghul. Navigating your way through vast and diverse terrains, you’ll uncover clues about your missing kin and Thrazoc's company. Unleash your dwarven attack skills as you battle hundreds of monsters, seek hidden caches & loot to collect, and discover numerous quests to complete. Face the final boss in a battle that puts your hero to the ultimate test and leaves you questioning, what comes next?!

Features & Elements:

  • A unique real-time 2.5D fully-featured ARPG
  • Ultimate old-school classic D&D elements
  • Choose your hero: male or female
  • Choose from 3 difficulty settings
  • Approximately 6+ hours of gameplay
  • Discover 6 hidden caches and gems
  • Hundreds of monster battles
  • 43 unique monsters to battle and defeat
  • 24 quests to complete
  • Dozens of unique weapons, armour and gear
  • Level up to improve your character
  • Acquire/Upgrade special skills
  • No IAP or ads