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Defend the Dam

Defend the Dam

by Dragon Army


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Defend the Dam
Defend the Dam
Defend the Dam
Defend The Dam is an action packed lane defense game with a new spin! Equip your Dam with an awesome arsenal of weapons. Rotate your weapons strategically to adapt to the oncoming enemy horde! Upgrade and unlock new weapons, explore unique levels across multiple zones, and battle epic bosses. Game Features: ROTATE YOUR WEAPONS Stationary turrets are no fun, so we put them on a tank tread! Rotate your weapons into battle so you can have the right weapon to deal with the right enemies! CHALLENGE MODES Once you've beat all the levels, test your skill on the Heroic and Master modes for each level, or create your own with challenge mode! WEAPON UPGRADES Upgrade each weapon with their own unique talent trees. No paid respec: change your talents for each unique situation! DAILY CHALLENGES Compete for glory in our daily challenge mode!