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Darker Color

Darker Color

by Avendi Games


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Darker Color
Darker Color
Darker Color
Darker Color is a game improving reflex and observation. Click on the darkest color and get as many points as possible. Regular playing on Darker Color increase your reaction rate and allows for faster decision-making. Darker Color have four levels: easy, medium, hard and diabolic. Levels are divided on more and more rectangles. Try play on the board with two, three, four and five colors. Your mission is to choose the darkest color. Remember - time is your enemy! Speeds up when you choose a higher level. Choose the right color before time out. Darker Color is a simple, free game, which is perfect for all types of Android devices from smartphones to tablets. The game is designed for people of all ages. Be in the world of colors, test the speed of your reflex and show that you're the best!