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Dark Mode: Night Mode Screen Theme

Dark Mode: Night Mode Screen Theme

by 7Soule


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Dark Mode: Night Mode Screen Theme

Night time is the dark mode: Night Mode Screen Theme. Dark mode theme assists you to make to switch between dark mode and light mode. This dark night or night filter makes you feel better with your phone screen by low brightness and for the night. Brightness is the dark night and dim light app that helps you to get more comfortable use of your phone by making your screen brightness more health-oriented.

Dark mode theme gives you good control on your apps brightness.  By applying a dark mode theme you will get three options. Dark mode, light mode, and auto mode. By choosing the dark mode, using a simple toggle button, you will activate the dark mode .this dark mode will decrease the brightness of your phone several apps.

Now you will enjoy your phone with more hygienic means. You can also set it back to light mode. This app has the functionality to set it auto, mean the dark mood will be activated whenever it is required.