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Dare Drift

Dare Drift

by Jumble Entertainments


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Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift
Dare Drift

Dare Drift Is An Arcade Racing Game.

>>>>> 5 Different Race Type >>>>>

> Circuit Race:- The Classic Lap Racing.
> Lap Knockout:- Only The Best Player Wins!
> Checkpoints:- Finish The Race With A Limited Amount Of Time!
> Time Trial:- Challenge Your Racing Skills.
> SpeedTrap:- Test Your Speed All The Way Till The Finish Line!

>>>>> SUPERCARS >>>>>
Dare Drift Allows Your Access To More Than 10 SuperCars!
Ensuring A Great Competitive Gameplay!

>>>>> Tracks >>>>>

Dare Drift Makes You Drive On 7 Different Tracks!
Races Can Be Customised With Number Of Laps And Number Of Opponents.
Player Can Unlock The Tracks Only When They Beat The Number Of Opponents!

>>>>> Mobile Setting >>>>>

Dare Drift Allows Tilt And Touch Controls And Can Be Adjusted As The Player Wants!
Steering Wheel Control Support Coming Soon!
Controls Are Responsive And Easy To Handle!

>>>>> Music >>>>>
Aggressive Rock Music Is Used In The Game
Volume Can Be Adjusted In The Settings Panel!

<<<<<<<< With Dare Drift Make Your Own Racing Legacy >>>>>>>

NOTE :-This Game Requires 100 MB Of Space To Install Properly!