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Da Quiz

Da Quiz

by Amine Hassouni


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Da Quiz
Da Quiz
Da Quiz
Da Quiz
Da Quiz

Da Quiz is a new quiz / trivia word game where the motto is: "Knowledge is key!". With up to 900 questions and 6 categories (Sports, Music, Cinema, Video Games, History and Geography -- and many more to come with frequent updates!), become the best cultivated or well educated person among your friends and family!

By answering the correct word, you earn Gemstones, that you can use to buy Hints (to move a correct letter in place!) or Keys (to open Locked categories!).

You also can ask your friends to help you by clicking the Snapshot icon and share it through any application!

What is a game without Achievements? Even a trivia word game can have some! Unlock up to 40 cool and tricky Achievements, tap the achievement box (in the Achievements section in the main menu) to show how to unlock each one of them!

Da Quiz also contains some in-app-purchases, for you to purchase different items to make your quest to knowledge easier and faster!