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by Illusion


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It's not always easy to follow each other on a bike. If you get unstuck on a climb, or if you're the first to get to the top, then how do you know where the others are.
With the Cyclope bike app, you can find out where your riding buddies are.

All you have to do is look at the 3D map on Cyclope which will tell you the position of each one. If you select a cyclist on the map, Cyclope will show you his speed, the distance he has traveled, the current gradient, and the time difference between you.

But you will want to know more about their fitness. No problem, do as the cycling pros do with their headset. Talk to them.
Cyclope incorporates a talky-walky which allows live communication by voice with other cyclists. For that it will be enough to determine before leaving a channel on which the whole of the traveling companions will be able to communicate. Of course you can deactivate the microphone and activate it when you have something to say.
Or use the messaging service to prepare for an outing. Know who is coming and where to go.
Otherwise, for example, in the race, indicate to the whole group a change of direction if everyone does not follow.

Of course, if you ride alone, Cyclope doesn't forget you.
A bike tracking function lets your loved ones know where you are and reassures them. Even better, if you fall, Cyclope will send your loved ones a notification on their mobile that you had an accident and so they can hear from you.

Cyclope also includes a route planner. You can create your bike route directly on your smartphone. Cyclops will calculate the distance, the estimated duration, the elevation gain, the maximum altitude that you will reach. When calculating the route, you can choose between all-road mode or bike mode which will take you through cycle paths if there are any and through roads with little traffic. Your route will appear on the 3D map as a blue line.

You will be able to compete with riders from all over the world to try to win a distinctive Tour de France jersey.
Each week, Cyclope assigns you a number of points for the green jersey (best rider), the red polka dot jersey (best climber), the yellow jersey (best overall). At the end of the week, Cyclope will choose the best in each category and the winner can wear the jersey he won all week after.
Your ranking will earn you points for the World Championship. At the end of each month, the best will win the rainbow jersey.
So get on your bikes and may the best win.

Cyclope records your performance throughout your runs. You will find all the statistics with a map of the route, the profile of the stage, and the data on the distance traveled, the average speed, the altitude difference, the maximum speed, the maximum altitude, the weather with the minimum temperature and maximum, minimum and maximum humidity percentage and minimum and maximum wind speed.
A share button will allow you to share your outings on social networks.
And last novelty, a 3D button will make you relive your journey in the form of a 3D video.

Many other things await you on Cyclope, such as a customizable bell to warn of danger or make passers-by laugh.
But I'll let you discover them for yourself.

Good road with Cyclope.

Cyclope is available on Google Play.