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Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run

Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run

by DanteGames


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Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run
Cute Bunny Rabbit Rush Run

One of best platform adventure games on is here:
Run hop jump slide in this crazy looney despicable dash or get eaten, A speedy little fluffy cute easter bunny needs to escape the clutches of a terrifying green beast monsters obstacles like deadly saw that can slice Your happy animals character , cannon that shoot cannoball or spikes in super cute bunny rabbit run hop jump or slide

Lots of amazon forest friends like fluffy super cute bunny rabbit run that can hop jump and slide is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Help the super cute bunny rabbit run to safe place,hop jump, slide and whirls through the underbrush to outrun and outmaneuver the fearsome green despicable beast monsters in this high-octane chase

You live in tom wonderland with Your other wild amazon forest friends there is a lot of rainbows green trees and carrots too harvest but:
super cute little fluffy easter bunny run abandoned by luck your wonderland was invasion by some dark despicable forces in a strange amazon forest. green beast monsters are hungry and will hunt you, - dash, just dash It’s a dangerous despicable magic forest out there but with enough speed you might be get away

wild Run to harvest as many carrots as possible in this no blood games that have candy graphics and the beautiful calm piano background music playing in this amazing looney dash
have fun in this exciting, fast-paced wild running game featuring an incredibly cute fluffy cuddly easter bunny rabbit. Make the fluffy easter bunny dash, hop jump, to harvest carrots. Use your reflexes to control the easter bunny’s movements and keep him out of range off obstacles and beast. Are you ready to save the magic forest cute animals? lets Find out in this wild action-packed runner! and its also no blood games so kids can play it

How to play this no blood games free kids games:
tap left to go left to roll down the hill
tap right to go right on hill
tap up to jump from hill to hill. Timing is very important on avoiding saw slice!
dash on platform to slide
harvest many carrots as you can and listen too beautiful calm piano music background
harvesting carrots gives You 1 point jumping on green monsters head gives You 5 points

Features to this no blood games:
game with physics engine
Visit 40 different forests levels
play more funny cute animals as characters
beautiful calm piano music background
great funny 2D art graphic
funny free kids games mode
two types: beautiful calm piano music
lots of different funny enemies and funny obstacles
green monsters with one eye
Saw also saw that is on chain and saw that in on stump
cannon that shoots cannoball and can crush Your character
moving physics engine platform type:
some physics engine platform that will move up and down
and also physics engine rocks that will roll down the hill after You thanks too physics engine that is build in game

One of best platform adventure game with: leaderboard challenge your friends connect with them by Facebook and invite them to the game
and let them watch You play and let them listen too beautiful calm piano music background

This free one of best platform adventure games is here: this looney dash game is kids friendly this is no blood games and graphic are colorful
and there is no in app purchase
game for kids so they can feel like in disney cartoon

New cartoon animals characters from forest friends to play :
First new character is:
Happy squirrel nuts that You can buy for 600 in game coin this happy squirrel nuts is running jumping and sliding with the same speed as You main character so go play na unlock happy squirrel nuts
Second new character is:
Wild tiger that you can also buy for 600 in game coin wild tiger has a big funny head and its moving the same speed as other characters so go play and unlock wild tiger to save his animal life
Also there is new levels and saw on chain to avoid from getting sliced in half


Sounds by: littlerobotsoundfactory.com