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Crushing Things With Car! Crun

Crushing Things With Car! Crun

by creativespartans


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Crushing Things With Car! Crun
Crushing Things With Car! Crun

The creators of oddly satisfying ASMR games bring your satisfaction animal to another level in this new addictive idle clicker tap tap experience in which you will enjoy crushing things with car tyre! This latest crushing experience with satisfy every bit of you and melt your brain with amazing crushing animations and the fun will get to another level as you will earn money and unlock more crunchy and soft things in this endless tapping idle game. Destroy your favorite products in the most satisfying way to earn money and upgrade your factory production.

Prepare for an ambient ASMR journey of crushing machine and enjoy crushing bath bombs, slime, floral foams, antistress squish balls, tooth paste, squishy toys & wait don’t forget crushing paint balls with car ! Just imagine anything and its there. But wait you need money to buy those things so its not that easy to unlock all the objects. You need to make a lot of money to unlock super amazing squishy & crunchy things to enjoy the ultimate car crushing ASMR. Experiment car vs bath bombs, slimes squishy toys and see them crushing with the most powerful crush machine even fat more powerful that the hydraulic press. You will forget shredding things & those old objects with the hydraulic press and won’t stop obsessing with the spinning tyre that will destroy everything coming its way to give you an oddly satisfying experience. Nothing can come in between the tire and the object you choose. So download this new antistress relaxing and oddly satisfying addictive incremental game with amazing endless upgrades to kill the boredom & see will it crush in front of your eyes?

Try to unlock all the tyres and objects and see on what level can you reach?