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Crossy Ants: Smashing Bugs

Crossy Ants: Smashing Bugs

by afuffstudio


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Crossy Ants: Smashing Bugs
Are you bored with the same ant smasher you found in Google play? Do you want to smash a realistic look of cockroach, bug, bee and ant? Search no more Crossy Ant: Smash bug is a great game for you! All you need to do is kill ants and bugs using your thumb or finger. Show your furious killing skills in smashing various kinds of small creature. This game is consider as an advance game smasher that suit for all ages to play. The details and graphic of the insects are so real that you probably think that there are bugs in your phone. The realistic movement and fine texture of these small crawling creatures will be a great way for you to overcome ant and incest phobia. Myrmecophobia is an intense fear of ants. This fear belongs to the more general category of Entomophobias (the fear of insects). Your phobia will automatically cure once you had experience the excitement of killing bug. One of my friends tired this game, few days later small bugs do not frighten her anymore. However, the fear of ants manifests in different ways and varies from individual to individual. But, hey it’s worth to try. She no longer trembling, shuddering or felling terrified when come in contact with ants, her imagination of “killer ants attacking and dragging them away to their queen” is forever gone and most importantly she can do gardening outdoor without fear when ants are rampant. Be the ultimate bug killer and earn the respect of the fastest incest killer as you annihilate the whole colony of ant and bug. The game takes ant smasher to a new height with HD graphic, real-like ants and bug, stunning background audio and addictive game play. Get ready your thumb or finger to smash the incest. However you should avoid killing bee as it will sting your finger. Do not get confused with ant and bee although they do look alike. Once you got stung by a bee or one of the incest successfully reaches that the end of the leaf, that’s mean game over for you. You can smash bee in this game but do not do in real life, which is not a good idea. There are lots of game ant smashers in Google play but none can compare with Crossy Ant in term of graphic visual and audio. Want to know whether it is true or not, download it and play! You be stunned.