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Crime City Prison Break

Crime City Prison Break

by secure3d studios


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Crime City Prison Break
Crime City Prison Break
Crime City Prison Break

Get ready to attack maximum security cage on hilly landscape in Prison Escape City Jail Break 3D game. 
This Game requires you to be the Professional lockup breaker who has a vicious plan to escape from the torturing hell.
It is a very exciting and thrilling police chase game. Use your stamina and try to successfully breakout from the culpable. Prove that your area a Professional imprisonment and get yourself out from this criminal jail.
Some hardcore criminal and thugs are lockdown in special cells, get master key from warden so you can help escaping all.
Your life mission is to help your cellmates, prisoners and transport them out of limbo without getting caught.
Do whatever it takes to free cell inmates and complete this notorious assignment. Sneak out with care and avoid climbing stairs