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Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash

Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash

by Keri Core Games


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Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash
Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash
Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash
Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash

Train your brain❗️Train your reactions rush through the endless road and clash your way to the eternity It is like a duet ball, resulted in love balls.

Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash : Control RED and BLUE ball at the same time. Avoid ball hit to the obstacles or smash them on the road. Is this duet that simple

Think quick and tap to switch lanes with each ball❗️
Red ball has left two lanes.
Blue ball has right two lanes.
Imagine it as 2 cars driving or play in duet.
It is suitable for player which love crazy games.

⏩ challenge your friends
⏩ beat your friends records
⏩ be the best in the leaderboards or catch up the top scores
⏩ relax
⏩ enjoy cool simple graphics
⏩ roll balls faster and faster
⏩ train your brain in this crazy madness duo
⏩ rush with balls to endless victory
⏩ simple controls - TAP
⏩ 2 modes - Classic and Smash

❗️5 songs, each for every working day and on weekend all songs are randomly selected at any start of the game
❗️1 song is stable in the main menu
❗️All songs were composed by Keri Enviro

People whose are at home have a chance to train their brain, reactions in quick fast-paced runner game. Kids will improve their responses, they become a hero as FLASH.

✔️Perfect game in bus, school, train station and even toilet. No weather can get you out of this game, only your mom or granny can do that. Focus❗️

Be careful it can be an addictive game. Do not forget to live.

✔️DOWNLOAD NOW and push your skills to the limit❗️

✔️Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash is free to play❗️
✔️Crazy Duo: avoid ball smash is endless fun❗️