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Crazy Craft

Crazy Craft

by Васько Оо


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Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft

Digger awoke in the cubic world where Tiny Monsters. Try survive in hardcore 3d block world. 
Crazy Craft combines best open world games and survival simulator.
You can create armor and weapon collecting different resources in caves and do your buildings more beautiful.
Discover interesting and mysterious forests, towns, castles and caves with dangerous enemies. 
Biomes includes: rabbits and redstone circuits. Fishing, hunting or ride a horse. Play craft game for you, If you like adventure or build construction. 
Features of the game:

- Huge world 
- Weather conditions
- A lot of blocks
- Mining resources and craft weapons 
- Building construction
- Farmer activity: you feed cows, collect milk. Ride horses and graze sheep.
- Weather conditions, rain, snow, cataclysms! 
- Zombie, mines, caves, evil spirits and unique locations!