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Cosmetics – expiration date

Cosmetics – expiration date

by Begoña Paterna


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Cosmetics – expiration date
Cosmetics – expiration date
Cosmetics – expiration date
Cosmetics - expiration date, is an easy app that helps you to control the date of your beauty products. It has a very user friendly interface that will not ask thousands of product data, only the name, opening date and period after opening in months, you can also add a photo from your camera roll or take it from your device camera. You can keep under control all cosmetics and beauty of your vanity with this simple and intuitive app. Use the products responsibly, always respecting the usage time recommended by the manufacturer. All beauty products have a useful life, thereafter, may lose their properties and stop being effective, using a product beyond its expiration date may cause irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections and expired sunscreen may cause skin burn. Do not risk using expired products.