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Color Connect

Color Connect

by colorconnect


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Color Connect

Are you looking for the best brain-challenging games? If yes,> Color Connect Game is here for you. It is one of the best ways to pass the time. It also sharpens your brain. This bulb color connects dots game is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. The bulb will light up only if you connect to the accurate circuit. There are lots of levels in this game. Connect Dots gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed to challenging and frenetic. You will start from the First Level, and all other stages will be locked. When you complete a level, the next level will be open automatically. The next one will be more challenging than the previous one. This Puzzle game is the best mind practice to solve a dense puzzle in a short time. After completing the level, you feel confident. The game has been divided into two parts Basic and Specialty parts.

Basic Part
In Basic parts, there are seven levels named Beginner, Easy, Not So Bad, Challenging, Hard, Very Difficult, Impossible. Each level has been divided into fifty sub-levels. There are options for stars. To get a star, you have to complete a sub-level. For unlocking from Easy level, you will need to collect fifty stars. For the unlocking, the Not So Bad level, you will need two hundred stars. Two hundred and fifty stars require for entering a challenging stage and so on.

Specialty Part
In the Specialty part, These levels are divided into five sub-level named Blockers-Starter, Blockers-Bonus, Blockers-Premium, Shapes-Starter, and Shapes-Bonus. There is also a condition for collecting stars if you want to open a new level. For Instance, if you need to unlock Blockers-Bonus Level, you will need to gather one hundred stars and vice-versa. For Entering the last one of the Specialty part, you will require 300 stars.

How to Install and Play Color Dots Game

Let’s learn how to install the Color Dot Connect game. Firstly, you will have to install our Additive Color Game from the play store. After Installing, the Start button will display on your screen. Just click on the start button then the initial levels will start. When you click on the right-hand side of the green arrow, the page of specialty level will open. It is up to you whether you want to start from the basic level or specialty level.

For playing, you only have to Swipe Color Dots. So, drag & connect the bulb wires with the same flow-free color bulb. Remember, if you try to cross or overlap the connected bulb wires then the line will break. A successful connection will light up the bulb. You can also use the flow-free hints bulb to get hints for getting the connection path route of the dots connected.

Complete connecting all the dots with a matching color bulb, and finish the circuit board for moving on to the next level. The difficulty of the color dots game increases simultaneously along with your game progress.


There are some features of our Flow Free Hexes Game that are given below.

- HD graphics
- 1250+ Unique Challenging Levels with Modes
- Hints bulb to make the puzzles easy
- Enjoy online or in offline mode
- No Time Limits

It does not matter what your age is and where you are. You only play and have fun with Color Connector.