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Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App

Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App

by Chronicle Cloud


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Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App
Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App
Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App
Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App
Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App
Chronicle Cloud: Teacher's App

Chronicle Cloud is a versatile app for teachers across all subjects. Designed to help teachers maximize student success, Chronicle Cloud aids teachers in note-taking (conferring and/or anecdotal), team teaching, managing groups, optimizing assessment data, and much more!

Developed by teachers, for teachers, Chronicle Cloud immerses itself in research-based best practices, such as formative assessment, effective feedback, and collaborative teaching. This design equips teachers with many unique, practical advantages in their ability to, over time, leverage data and accelerate student growth.

With Chronicle Cloud, teachers are able to:

1. Customize notes ー the number of text fields (from 1 to 5) and their labels (i.e. - “Next Steps”, “Teaching Point”, etc.)

2. Apply notes (conferring and/or anecdotal) to an individual or small group of students

3. Increase efficiency by quickly finding and reusing previous notes/feedback through Speed Notes and keyword searches (i.e. - “inferring”)

4. Import student rosters and/or predetermined notes (i.e.- “teaching points”) via Google Drive or Dropbox

5. Attach multiple photos, videos, and/or audio recordings to any note

6. Manage flexible groups (i.e. - book clubs, lab groups, project-based groups, etc.)

7. Track formative assessments of learning objectives, learning behaviors, and/or social behaviors using a unique Traffic Light design, now with a five-tiered color system

8. Track student levels (i.e.- reading levels) and scores (i.e. - standardized test scores or benchmark scores)

9. Sort data in a variety of ways

10. Create digital student portfolios by designating any note an artifact

11. Record and track student progress using an integrated and multifaceted grade book

12. Promote teacher collaboration by securely sharing individual students and/or classes of students (great for collaborative classrooms!)