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Chopper: attack helicopters

Chopper: attack helicopters

by Sergey Lobanov


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Chopper: attack helicopters
In this 3D simulator, attack helicopters resembling Russian Mi-8, Mi-24 'crocodile' and Ka-50 'black shark' are represented. The task is to destroy enemy base with four helipads. To complete the mission it is needed to destroy enemy forces and perform landing at all the helipads. On landing, the helicopter armour and ammo is replenished. Player begins with Mi-8. Once the mission is completed with Mi-8, Mi-24 becomes available, and after that Ka-50. At that, enemy units performance is improved, as well as own helicopter parameters. To control the helicopter, two virtual sensor joysticks on left and right sides of the screen are used. The left joystick controls collective and pedals(elevation and yaw left-right), while the right joystick controls cyclic (pitch up-down and roll left-right). For shooting, the zone at the bottom centre part of the sensor screen is used. Navigation arrow is switched automatically to point at the next helipad.