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ChatWise Beta

ChatWise Beta

by App Addict


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ChatWise Beta
ChatWise Beta
ChatWise Beta
ChatWise Beta
ChatWise Beta
ChatWise Beta

Win Shares – ChatWise UK Limited is the worlds' first company that will give its shares to the public for their help in improving and growing the network. 100,000 people from around the world will be chosen. See www.chatwise.co.uk for details.

TALKS – Ground-breaking new concept to connect people based on interest. We provide trending topics. You click on the topic of interest and we connect you to someone interested in the same topic for a 7-minute call. Research shows that you are more likely to make friends with people interested in the same topics.

MAKE NEW FRIENDS ACROSS THE WORLD – Like to improve your English or Spanish? Or just make friends in other countries? Try Talks – we are built to bring like-minded people in different locations closer.

Connect and keep in touch with family and friends in a brand new way.
ChatWise 's aim is to give users the same capability of leading social media platforms, but removing the habit-forming features.

You can:
. Create posts and do status updates
. Share photos and videos with friends and family in a secure, private way
. Follow your favorites influencers

INSTANT Fast and SECURE Messaging - stay in touch with your friends and family over a fully encrypted chat messaging feature

FREE Calls - Audio and Video calls around the world

MOMENTS - Share your special memories, with pictures and videos with your friends and family