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Cava Racing

Cava Racing

by Umber Games


Our Rating

Cava Racing
Skilful slides, tactical boosts, twisted teleports and lots of fun! Chase the best lap times with your spaceship on unique tracks. Learn curves and driving lines to raise your rank. Did you always want to pilot a fast space ship? Even if you didn't, now is the time to put on your space helmet and let the games begin! Join the people who already enjoy Cava Racing and fly to become the best among your friends. FEATURES: - Fast tracks & ships (+teleports!) - Tilt, button, and screen joystick controls - Leaderboards for all tracks to compete with friends - Quick menus and restart CONTROLS: - Turn your device to rotate the ship. Touch the screen to throttle and boost. - Alternative: swipe joystick on one side, throttle and boost on the other - Or: simple left-right buttons on one side, throttle and boost on the other FOLLOW US: https://www.facebook.com/cavaracing CONTACT: [email protected]