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Candy : FreeFall

Candy : FreeFall

by Mounzih, Ltd.


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Candy : FreeFall
Candy : FreeFall
Candy : FreeFall
Candy : FreeFall is an amazing game ! Game proposed by Mounzih, Ltd. In this great big game, you have to draw lines. and the Pumpkin will jump on these lines The main purpose of the game is to collect as much "Candy" as possible, and you should avoid the black spots of zombies.They could kill your speed and you could fall, if you are not quick enough to shoot bamboo to save him. In this incredible game Candy : FreeFall, you will find these amazing features for you : ● amazing gameplay! ● candy collection system. ● System scores! ● Different landscapes level. (The farther you go, the landscape would be different) ● great experience and lots of fun! Do not forget to pick capes for large jumps. And click on the flight of birds in order to get the speed turbo. So Are you ready to do risky ? Are you ready to do the free fall ? Just to get some candy. Enjoy playing Candy : FreeFall