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Buku Dongeng Anak

Buku Dongeng Anak

by DarAddict


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Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak
Buku Dongeng Anak

Tale Children's Books is a child's set of fairy tales with pictures with fairytale OPTIONS. In addition, with an elegant and simple so that the children's stories / fairy tales are easy to read out before a sleeping child. A collection of children's stories / Fairy tales can also be used as children's literature as a means of teaching children so that children can see the result of the occurrence of a good and bad deeds are described simply in reading preferred.

Set the form Children's stories, Folklore, Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales Before Bed, Tell Jokes and Stories Fables that come from all over the world one of Indonesia, Fables Children display very interesting to be read by children to Indonesia all ages,

Tale Children's Book Indonesia is divided into 11 different categories, namely fairy tales:
★ Popular Tales,
★ Fairy Tale World,
★ Animal Tales / Fables,
★ Tale Muslim Children,
★ Folklore Nusantara,
★ Children Stories Indonesia,
★ Story Kingdom
★ Hikayat Abu Nawas
★ Story Walisongo
★ Humorous Stories Mr. Moron
★ The story of Companions of the Prophet

~ Display Material Design
~ 600+ New Fairy Tale
~ Added Menu Favorite
~ Addition Menu Share
~ Size Application only - + 7 MB

Tale Children's Books Illustrated this as an additional reference or fairy tale story for your child.

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