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Bottle Flip Trip

Bottle Flip Trip

by Pios Alcachondeo


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Bottle Flip Trip
Bottle Flip Trip
Bottle Flip Trip
Bottle Flip Trip

The game of the bottle around the world. Visit different countries and surpass all levels to be able to travel to a new country with your bottle.

- Several levels per country and several countries. Time is running against you.
- Realistic physics, explosive boxes, fire, fans, sliding ramps ...
- Bonus Speed reserved for the fastest players when finishing a level.
- Find Bonus levels and accumulate points that you can then redeem for extra lives.
- You can use 10 balls (placing them where you want) to help you in each level.
- Try to leave your name on the world record table.

And many more surprises. And in the coming updates new countries and fun levels.