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Black White – Endless Platformer

Black White – Endless Platformer

by Aaron Gibbs


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Black White – Endless Platformer
Black White – Endless Platformer
Black White – Endless Platformer
Black White – Endless Platformer
Black White – Endless Platformer

*Note: Black White is compatible with iPad, but will be scaled to iPhone resolution to keep gameplay fair*

Welcome to Black White!, a one of a kind platformer with a BIG twist: Each bounce switches the background color from black to white, or vise-versa. When this happens, only platforms of the opposite color will be visible and available to land on. On top of that, there are several different platform types, as well as a slew of unique power-ups and power-downs!

* Star - paints the background grey, enabling all platforms on screen.
* Parachute - cuts the gravity in half, allowing you to bounce twice as high.
* Bomb - bounce to burn the fuse and explode, skyrocketing you upwards.
* Magnet - pulls platforms towards you horizontally for easy climbing.

* Ice Cube - freezes and drops you, requiring a platform below to break the ice.
* Candle - creates a small circle of visibility, making platforms hard to find.
* Mirror - reverses the tilt controls, making you move in the opposite direction.
* Corset - squeezes all platforms in half, making them hard to land on.

Additional Features:
* Simple 0 touch controls! Tilt your device to control the ball’s movement.
* Minimalist, retro-style graphics.
* Quirky chip-tune sound effects that you can’t help but crack a smile at.
* A unique mix of randomly generated platforms and hand crafted obstacles.
* Earn in-game coins as you climb! 1 coin for every 1,000 points.
* Spend coins to unlock 30 unique ball colors, including 12 special ‘color morphing’ balls.
* Watch video adds to earn a second chance or extra coins.
* Purchase coins in bulk from the in-game store!

If you enjoy playing Black White, please take a moment to leave a review and a comment. All feedback is highly appreciated and suggestions will be reviewed for future updates! For additional questions and support, feel free to reach out to me on the social media pages and check out my other game Ship Smash!