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Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE

Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE

by AppTeam


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Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE
Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE
Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE
Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE
Bedtime Digital Clock UPGRADE

This BEDTIME DIGITAL CLOCK is for those who wake up at night and check “what time is it ?”

Start an application for bedtime, listen to sleep sounds, Deep sleep.

In-App Payments
It offers basic settings and functionality and a short and sweet app. If you want to remove the ads, please support this app and Purchase only one pizza for developer.

----- Important!! -----

When you sleep , use this night clock and enjoy the bird's voice as sleep music.
Notifications never disturb you from this Digital Clock app.
This app is not for the lock screen.
This app is NOT an alarm app! This is the Night clock.
This app uses the system alarm app for the alarm clock.
Enjoy a perfect balance of beauty and small functionality with this beautiful and reliable NIGHT CLOCK app!

This simple night clock is best for bedside.
Sleep sound of birds, Birds Voice stops after 5 minute automatically.
Start birds sound manually when your eyes open on bed.
Sleep sound will regularly change and upgrade from the developer's team.
Adjust screen- & text-color and screen.
Disable lock screen
AutoStart when connected to power (may not work on some phones)
Lots of settings for your personal design
Styleable clock (color, brightness etc.)
Flashlight for when leaving your bed at night.
You can use a desk clock.

Bedtime Digital Clock turns your Android device into an Night clock that plays your favorite tunes, a bedside clock with a gorgeous digital clock view.

It is possible to use Digital Clock to automatically start the app when the phone is charging.

Works on any device, including tablets. If you use this Night clock during the full night, since the screen and CPU is continuously on, it is better to keep the device in charge.

If there is any problem, instead of giving a bad review, please send me an email. I will try my best to resolve all issues. My email : [email protected]