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Battleships Warfighter

Battleships Warfighter

by HawkArt


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Battleships Warfighter
Battleships Warfighter
Battleships Warfighter
Battleships Warfighter
Battleships Warfighter
Battleships Warfighter

You are the Captain of the dominion international organization. In the near future, the countries United under the aegis of a single planet, there were no borders, and the peace period lasted a decade. However, all good things come to an end.

STORY-A large story campaign that will open up new places and locations for you. A lot of interesting characters, voiced dialogues. In the story, you have to save Shilon Tusk and Kodeo Hazima from the evil General Kona'ni, and make a huge journey from the Arctic to the city of Chu!
FLEET-Unlock new ships and abilities, put improvements that will change your gameplay. The further you go through the game, the more opportunities there are to use abilities. Put a Flamethrower on your ship, shoot a few EMI charges and leave booby traps as a surprise - you have a lot of options, have fun.
THE ENEMY IS NOT ASLEEP-As you progress through the game, you will face a variety of different types of opponents that differ in behavior and tactics of combat. The rebels have a lot of tricks against you, from fast and maneuverable ships to Frigates. Use your abilities, dodge enemy projectiles, and summon allies - all means are good in battle!
* Capture regions
* Complete additional tasks to contain Rebel forces
* "Infection" mode - capture control points and hold positions.
* "Rebel Cell" mode - challenge the strongest enemy troops!
* "Defence" mode - battle before the arrival of reinforcements!
* "Hunter" mode - destroy the enemy fleet to capture a sector.
* "Arena" mode - survive waves of rebel's fleet
* Go through the story quests
* Upgrade your ship in the Garage!
* Discover new maps and locations on the world stage!

For help and technical support, contact me at [email protected]
Learn more about us on VK: https://vk.com/hawkart_vision
Our plans (future updates):
* Rating system
* Cooperative
* PVP 
* New story chapters
* New regions
* New abilities
* New ships
* Customization

P.S.-there is NO paid content In the game, at the moment the project is actively and often updated, bugs are regularly fixed, thank you very much for understanding!)