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Batelz App

Batelz App

by Candice Addison


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Batelz App
Batelz App
Batelz App
Batelz App

Batelz is a social -challenge app that allows users to perform in online talent based competitions.  Batelz is an ideal platform for people to show their talents, irrespective of the genre – adventure, music, sports, art, anything – and form deeper social connections as they engage with like-minded people. The app is going to break the mold of ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ by inspiring active social engagement among users.

Features include:

·         Live Batelz: Users can engage in a 90-second online challenge with the Live Broadcast challenge. It’s spontaneous and thrilling.

·         Clapback Feature: Allows challenging people in an offline mode by posting your offline video. Also shows trending leaderboards under the originating video

·         Virtual Rewards: Challenge winners earn interesting virtual rewards.

·         Build Followership: The app allows users to garner a follower base.

Batelz will be the next step in social media evolution by offering users the change to interact and engage with people from around the World.