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Awesome Tackles

Awesome Tackles

by Plants Insight


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Awesome Tackles
Awesome Tackles
Awesome Tackles
Awesome Tackles

Awesome Tackles provide you with in-depth reviews of sporting goods and equipment related to outdoor activities. We here ensure that our readership takes advantage of our team’s experience have joyful and adrenaline-pumping moments to cherish for a long time.


Are you new to skateboarding and want to give a shot at this fascinating and thrilling sport? Choosing the best skateboard for beginners could be overwhelming and daunting, with dozens of skateboard choices online and in skate shops.

Every beginner wishes for the best starter skateboard that is easy to ride for an incredible and unforgettable riding experience.

Most importantly, knowing your skateboarding style or where you intend to skate always comes in handy while choosing the best skateboard for beginners.

Whether you are a beginner or looking for a starter skateboard for a kid, we have handpicked some of the best beginner skateboards featuring top-notch components after testing dozens of skateboards in the market.