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AVStream Updater PRO

AVStream Updater PRO

by AVStream


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AVStream Updater PRO
AVStream Updater PRO
AVStream Updater PRO
Convert your Android device in to the ultimate media center. Unlock streamed media content from around the world with the AVS Updater PRO What you will receive ★ Cinema movies from the UK ★ HD movies ★ 3D movies ★ Series boxsets in HD and SD as from US and UK ★ Kids programs ★ Documentary programs ★ Live UK freeview, premium sports live TV ★ EVERY single 3pm EPL football match LIVE No complicated set up The maintenance side of everything is taken care of for you. There is no complicated installation of addons or playlists like in KODI/XBMC. All you have to do is select a version to download and install and then you can start watching everything you want instantly. Chromecast support The on demand media has chromecast support. This means you can watch directly on your big screen using a Chromecast device and LocalCast. Set up instuctions are available on the website http://www.aerialview.tv Online help and support Should you have any questions or if you just need some gentle guidance you can contact us at [email protected] We aim to answer most e-mails in under 24 hours. Other information When you launch the application you will be prompted to download and install a second app called AVStream. This app is the streaming media player engine that this app updates to. It is free and is required. AVStream is a re skinned version of XBMC/KODI and is used as per the GNU licence. We have re skinned it because we do not have any affiliation with KODI or the XBMC group and do not wish to cause any cross over confusion between ourselves and KODI. The version files you download and install are built by our community members who acknowledge that they have the legal rights to share these links with the end user. If you would like to submit a version build to our updater all you have to do is email us at [email protected] and we will give you the instructions to do so. If you need any help running this app or the AVStream app then please visit www.aerialview.tv DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) We take all infringements of the DMCA seriously. All developer members agree that any links they upload are within the regulations of the act and that they have the right to share the media with the app user for free. Developer version files are downloaded from the developers own file storage location and not our own. We are merely a service provider. If you would like to make a complaint against any of our developers version files then please email [email protected] so we can investigate and remove any infringing content.