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Animal Face Sticker Photo

Animal Face Sticker Photo

by afuffstudio


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Animal Face Sticker Photo
Animal Face Sticker Photo is photo editors that allow user to change anyone face to animal face. There are lots of animal face to choose and easy to use too. These animal photo stickers will surely make your photo look funny. If you are bored with the same look every time you take a photo, so this is the right apps for you. This is the great way to make fun to your friends and tease them. You can change your friend face into monkey, horse, cow and many more. There is also a pig face; you can use this especially if you get angry with your boss or superior. Do you hate you ex-boyfriend? You get me right! Take a photo of him then change his face into the ugliest animal you can find. If you love animal so much, there are also lots of cute animal face that you can play with. Edit you photo with Animal face sticker photo let everyone knows how professional you are even though you are still new with editing. With this animal face editor you photo will look like a pro! You will be stun with the quality of animal face changer photo. It the perfect way to express the naughty boy/girl you are. Simple instruction on how to use; Start by tapping “Open”. Choose whether to take photo with camera or select photo from gallery. After that, tap “Mask” and then choose your desired animal face. To make the animal face blend the photo, use “Alfa” to adjust it transparency. The size of the animal face can be adjusted and rotate. You can enlarge it by double tab on the animal face or you can pinch it to make the size smaller or do a bit rotation. To delete unwanted animal face, just tab the delete button or and drag it outside of the photo. Sometimes, the animal face that you selected can’t be reselected to resize. To solve this, all you have to do is tab “Mask” then tab back the animal face that you want to edit. Need more cool photo effect? Tab on the effect menu and choose which Effect to do want; Grey Color Sepia. These customize effect will make you photo look like a pro. After you have finish and satisfied with your edited photo tab “Send” You can save it to Gallery or Share via apps (watsapp, telegram, chatO, Line, facebook, email or Bluetooth). You may want to send it directly after finished editing the photo because your photo sometimes fails to save into your phone gallery. To avoid clashes problem, it also recommended that you should use 3 or 5 sticker for one photo. Enjoy editing and have great fun!