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Angry Sumo Ninja

Angry Sumo Ninja

by CryptoHack Studios


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Angry Sumo Ninja
Angry Sumo Ninja
Angry Sumo Ninja
Ryo is an angry Ninja, with sumo history and power, angered by the continued enslavement of his people by the evil samurais. To free his people, he must battle the samurai single handedly, and ultimately defeat their leader in the final epic ending to the game. To achieve this, he will rely on his immensely powerful punches, Ninja shuriken, bombs, powerful jumps, Katanas and many more weapons. How to Play -Tap on the button to your left to jump -Tap on the button to your right to shoot. Shurikens, if available are fired, else -Collect coins, and use them to buy upgrades -Smash enemies using brute force, or collect shuriken and bombs to fire at the enemies. Features -25 Levels for Chapter 1, 40 Levels for Chapter 2. More levels to be added. -Different Samurai, with different attack modes and powers. -'Boss' Enemies (more powerful) at the end of each level. -Collectibles for gameplay enhancement, such as magnets, healing crystals etc.. -Amazing action!