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Angry Hungry Reef Shark

Angry Hungry Reef Shark

by afuffstudio


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Angry Hungry Reef Shark
Are you hungry for a shark game? Download this game for fun and adventuring game. These feared predators are the most feared animals on the reef and in the deep sea. There are the king of the ocean and the fiercest aquatic beast, although there are also other large marine animal that can challenge sharks, sharks is still the animal ruler of the sea. You as the sharks did not eat for many days. Your hunger drives you crazy and angry. You swim all around the coral reef to look food to satisfy you hungry stomach. So eat as much fish as you can especially seal for their nutrients, they are the sharks favorite. In the game seal bonus point are more that fish. Although you are very hungry and angry shark, there is some fish that you cannot eat. Try avoiding eating the saw fish or clash with other saw shark. Their sharp pointed saw can hurt or kill you that mean it is game over if collision happens. After gone through a major evolution over the year, sea shark have developed very well, they are getting smarter and clever. They know which food (seal) is and which is not (sawfish). Tab you finger to make the reef shark swim faster to hunt they prey. The more you feed your shark the more point you get. Survive as long as possible by eating baby seal. Besides hunting for food, take a look around you. Notice the beautiful view of the coral reef. With crystal clear water, your hunting ground which is the coral reef makes it a true underwater paradise. You’re the hungry angry king shark in coral reef. You dominated this deep sea world. Features: + Quality HD graphics + Various sharks to choose + A huge coral reef, free-roaming sea world to explore + Intuitive touch or tilt controls + Discover Bonus Objects to get more point + Lots of missions to complete + Upgrade you shark with weapon to fight enemy + Unleash Sharks Combo booster Power to defend hunting ground A coral reef glow in the shafts of sunlight filtering through the deep blue water. Red and orange corals sway in the current, and small shoals of brightly coloured fish dart in and out among them in search of food. Suddenly, a shadow falls on the reef as a Reef shark glides past, the water undisturbed by its passage. It sees a diver and swerves, revealing it pale underparts and the curve of its huge mouth. That is the live of Angry Hungry Reef Shark. They are the king of the coral reef; they fear no one even human! They sometimes attack bathers and surfers, but seals and sea lions are their favourite prey. Coral reefs are some of the most colourful places on the planet. They are found in shallow, tropical waters and are home to thousands of different creatures. Only the surface of the coral reef is living. Coral will grow only in clean water that is free from pollution. Animals live closely together on others for a home, to stay clean or for protection from predators. The thousands of fish and small animals living on the reef attract a lot of predators. These include barracuda, octopuses and lion fish. Sharks are among the most feared animals on the reef. Larger reef sharks cruise along the reef edge looking for fish and seal, while smaller sharks hunts shrimps and crabs amongst the corals. A few species of shark have strange shapes the purpose of which is still unknown. Each sawshark has a long narrow snout with a row of saw-like teeth along each side. Since the shark feeds on shellfish, the saw cannot be much use for hunting, and it probably used in defense, even stranger are the huge hammerhead harks. The sharks are aggressive for food especially when it is hungry. Reef shark have a lot of strength and a highly developed sense of smell. In most parts of the world, sharks are feared for their savage bites. Although made of cartilage, their jaws are very strong- the Great white shark can bite through a man’s arm or legs in one go. They are also sensitive to vibrations in the water, which might be caused by the movements of potential prey Enjoy playing Angry Hungry Reef Shark