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Angry Floppy Fish

Angry Floppy Fish

by GameProchedinc


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Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish
Angry Floppy Fish

Hello and welcome to the world of flapping...the hardest and impossible floppy fish back now.
Have you always wanted an angry floppy fish game!
Here it is *flapping fish*!
Let your angry fish fly like a chim as long as possible through the obstacles.Play and try to get the best score and share it with your friends in social media!
Agry floppy fish it's a Funny and highly addictive game !
Tap your finger on the screen to navigate the fish and avoid the obstacls. 
Fly through the sea like a lucifer bird and beat your own highscore!
Maybe this game make you angry.but please stop lessening to the lucifer and keep you patience and perseverance.back play again and you will be able to get a high score.
this game has an awesome graphic you'll see that when you play it this game! in your way you will see defferents fish like parrotfish, pompano, spanish macherel, tailor fish,solomons,tuna,lizard fish, and tilapia jack flying like a birds.
if looking for a challenging game like floppy bird.this flappy fish is the best choice.
Note:angry floppy fish is a free game you can download and install it easily 
***Features of angry floppy fish**
-One Touch Control.
-Lots of fun.
-Nice graphics.
-Good appearance.
-Smooth Control.

Enjoy playing!