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Angry Dog Alarm

Angry Dog Alarm

by DC Creation Studios


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Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm
Angry Dog Alarm

Angry Dog Alarm uses positive and negative reinforcement to get you out of bed in the morning. Your pet dog is cute and pleasant most of the time, but becomes easily angered when you do not get up on time in the morning: He wants to be fed and taken on his morning walk, and does not like to be kept waiting. If you keep him waiting by sleeping in, your dog will take out his wrath on your innocent teddy bear.

Wake up promptly after your first alarm goes off in order to rescue the teddy bear from your angry pet dog and earn extra coins and experience points...but snooze, and your angry pet dog will rip your cute teddy bear apart limb by limb progressively after each of your snooze alarms goes off - like hang-man games, except your teddy bear is losing limbs when you snooze instead of gaining them.

In order to rescue a teddy bear and turn off your alarm, you will first need to wrestle the teddy bear from the clutches of your angry pet dog in a short game of tug-of-war. This is the app's way of making sure you are awake before you turn off your alarm.

Each time you wake up to your alarm, you will gain a unique teddy bear to add to your bear collection inventory. Collect all sixteen teddy bears in order to become a master bear collector or sell your collected bears for extra coins.

Coins, gained each time you wake up to your alarm, can be used to make limited purchases of cool features, which include:

- Flashlight

- Large clock display

- Vibrate alarm setting

- iTunes media selection

- Hawaiian background theme