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AlienSoul – Chicken Body

AlienSoul – Chicken Body

by compemperor


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AlienSoul – Chicken Body
From death a powerful soul were born, follow its journey through the universe and control its new host. Be prepared to change your view on mobile gaming with the stunning graphic and the great performance. Powerful and unique one mission game, designed to challenge the players navigation capabilities, memory, discipline and out of the box thinking. At the same time the game presents real key ideas combined with powerful imagined concepts. *New unique Multiplayer concept* Story When a planet by the name Searth were destroyed, every soul on that planet were released into space. In this imagined universe every soul preserve the intelligence of its former host, at the same time every soul gets a limited amount of energy that makes it capable to travel through the universe searching for a new host. If the energy levels reach almost zero before the soul gets into a new host, the soul transforms itself into what called "Energy Capsule" which other souls can take to increase energy levels. As one of the released souls travels through our galaxy its energy levels gets very low which makes it crash into earth, but before transforming itself into an energy capsule the soul enters a small and unpractical body(host). Mission Help the soul leave the small and unpractical body. Collect gold and increase your capabilities. Experience a fascinating journey that will expand your mind. Challenge other animals and monsters for survival. !!! MULTIPLAYER!! New multiplayer mode specific to ALIENSOUL. Challenge other players, create your own games or join others. In general the multiplayer mode purpose is (like other games) to eliminate other players, but the difference is that for every kill the player get, the character grows in size and strength. The mode gives every player the opportunity to feel true power as the characters grows stronger.