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Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif

Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif

by zain media


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Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif
Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif
Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif
Al Quran 16 line-Quran Sharif

Al Quran app is a best app for Muslims to make daily life recitation of the divine book more easier for Muslims. It helps them recite Quran Sharif at the start of their day with convenience and make the day full of blessings. It makes it easy for everyone to make a strong connection with Allah and get countless blessings in reward by reciting Holy Quran free.

The Al Quran app will give you the ease of reciting the Quran anywhere, even while traveling. Just turn on your smartphone and start reciting Al Quran with the Quran sharif app. Keep your Al Quran app at the first page of your home screen to reach it quickly when you are really looking to recite Quran Majeed free.

Al Quran Sharif app makes sure that everyone can recite Quran Sharif with comfort so it has surah and Juzz list options from where everyone can reach their desired surah of Juzz in Quran Majeed quickly. It has both surah and Juzz list equipped with custom Goto page option as well for more ease for the reciter of Al Quran.

Quran Sharif recitation is a daily routine for most of the Muslims so keeping it in mind we have added bookmarks option inside of Al Quran app. So now it is easy for everyone to start their Quran Majeed recitation from where they left at the last time. We have also taken care of the Muslims who forgot to bookmark the page when they left the app so the Al Quran app will automatically remember the page you left the last time.

Feature of Al Quran القرآن الكريم:
Following are the features of Quran Sharif app:

1- 16 line Al Quran: Al Quran app supports 16 line Quran page layout which makes it easy for most of the Muslims to get familiar with القرآن الكريم more quickly.

2- Swipe to turn: Quran sharif app will make it easy for everyone to turn pages smoothly with just a swipe right or left. There are also left and right indicator buttons given on the screen for this purpose as well.

3- Surah or Juzz : Quran Majeed is equipped with a surah and juzz list from where everyone can easily access their desired location in the Quran Karim app.

4- Bookmarks: While reciting Quran sharif with Al Quran app one can add the page to the bookmark and later on can start from where he left out.

Al Quran app is the easy app to recite Quran sharif on your smartphone so please download it and rate us.