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Ajay Anand

Ajay Anand

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Ajay Anand
Ajay Anand

Wingman allows you to recommend potential partners for your friends. Choose any two people in your contact list and send a description of them to each other. Swipe left or right to reject or accept your friend's recommendation.

It is a successful match when both parties have accepted your recommendation. Get an immediate update when your friends have been matched successfully. Download Wingman and invite your friends to sign up for an exciting love life.

Tips to use this app:

- Be grateful. When your friends send you a recommendation, try to recommend your friends to other people as a way of thanking them. Remember, being a wingman is not easy.

- Do not be picky. Dating apps are a numbers game. The more people you accept, the more likely you will find a match. These recommendations can be trusted as they come from your friends so try your best to swipe right.

- Take it slow. Your first texts to your partner should be a simple description of yourself or maybe even ask how they know your friends. These will help ease the awkwardness between the two of you.