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Actofit Workout Tracker

Actofit Workout Tracker

by Varinder Bansal


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Actofit Workout Tracker
Actofit Workout Tracker
Actofit Workout Tracker
Actofit Workout Tracker
Actofit Workout Tracker

Welcome to the Actofit Family


Actofit Engine Workout Tracker

  • Track your workouts in Real Time -- Start working out and Actofit Engine tracks exercises automatically on the fly
  • View your progress -- Get personal and actionable metrics according to your personal insights
  • Customize your workouts -- Create your own program based on your fitness goals
  • Perfect your form -- With the on-screen video workout library, improve your strength as well as your form.
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All about the Actofit Engine Workout Tracker!


                           Actofit builds analytics

                               while you sweat.


Guided Workouts! 

Turn your Smart-watch into a pro trainer and coach. Select a program from the wide range of pre-determined workouts in the Engine app or customize your own based on your fitness goals.

Freestyle Mode!

Plan your workout on the go and your exercises, reps, heart rate, form, exercise-specific calories measured on the fly and mapped to your App.


Visualize your progress with a
connected ecosystem


Actofit Nucleus!

The Actofit Nucleus maps all your progress and this data is available through your Actofit account anytime, anywhere.  

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For any help to get started with the app and track your workouts you can access the FAQ's HERE

We're super excited to start this new journey together.

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