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4 Kids: Shape It

4 Kids: Shape It

by Gotta Play


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4 Kids: Shape It
4 Kids: Shape It
4 Kids: Shape It
GottaPlay announces their new Android and iPhone app for children now available in the Google Play store i Apple iStore. 4 Kids: Shape It is a fun game that promotes puzzle solving skills and the recognition of shapes. As the player fits shapes together hidden pictures are revealed, rewarding kids with hours of play as they learn to fit together the pieces and develop a sense of how patterns work. 4 Kids: Shape It is free to download and play. The game is even convenient for toddlers to use as the 'back' button can be locked so that a very small child doesn't accidentally close the game. While the goal of 4 Kids: Shape It is to educate and entertain children, another important factor is that it's a great way for Mom and Dad to get free time. Says Annie, PR of GottaPlay, "We made this app so that any child of any age can easily use it, and be entertained for hours without interruption. It gives Mom and Dad a break."