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10/10 Fruits Puzzle

10/10 Fruits Puzzle

by NhacThieuNhi Channel


Our Rating

10/10 Fruits Puzzle
10/10 Fruits Puzzle
10/10 Fruits Puzzle

10/10 Fruits Puzzle! is an extremely attractive and brainly game.
It helps practice your brain to learn and think critically in your spare time at school, on the bus, the subway or in the office break…
You’ll be addicted right at the first time playing, especially when competing with other players such as friends, colleagues and family.

In a 10x10 area, each time will appear 3 different blocks. Drag and drop the given blocks into the 10x10 erea.
When a row or column is filled, it will be eliminated, and the game will end when you don't have enough space to put a given blocks into the 10 x 10 area.

No time limit. Immediately enter this new and interesting fruits world!