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 Laugh and fear

Laugh and fear

by Starodymov


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 Laugh and fear
 Laugh and fear
 Laugh and fear

It's time to cry with laughter and fear
You will play for the hero Dmitry. One day, his friend Max woke up and asked for a ride with a surprise. Dmitry introvert was intrigued by this event.
Soon the boys found themselves in a terrible, dark house. Max suggested a walk, so terrible home. Dmitry agreed to the proposal of his friend, but the guys do not know that the house is not abandoned.
You will be an interesting adventure of two friends through the gloomy locations. Black humor, jokes friends will distract you from the gloomy atmosphere of the game.
Many locations, scary monsters unusual, light and difficult puzzles pull you head in this amazing adventure.
Unusual graphics and the idea of ​​the author will make an unforgettable massage your brain and nerves.
Realistic sounding give atmospheric presence.
House of horror and fear is waiting for you! Find a way to escape from this house.
The game is free.