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  Dots and Boxes!™

Dots and Boxes!™

by 300Mind


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  Dots and Boxes!™
  Dots and Boxes!™
  Dots and Boxes!™
  Dots and Boxes!™
  Dots and Boxes!™

Are you looking for a game that brings absolute fun into your life? Well, we have got to tell you that we know about one such game! Want to know? It’s Dots and Boxes. It's a free board game, an online Multiplayer version of the popular classic board game- Dots & Boxes.

Game is also known as Dots and Squares, Dot Box Game, Dots and Lines, Dots and Dashes, Connect the Dots, Dots Game, Smart Dots, Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots, Dot Boxing, Dot to Dot Grid, La Pipopipette and Pigs in a Pen.

Dots and Boxes is a multiplayer game that reminds you of your golden childhood days. Yes, this is the very game that has played a big part in our school lives. We want you to hark back to your childhood by playing this game digitally which is created with appealing features and design. free games for 2 players to play.

The key aim of the Dots and Boxes game is to make a square. It is necessary for a player to connect 2 dots to draw a line between two adjacent dots in every round (vertical or horizontal dots can be connected). Players win a point if he/she completes a square. People also address this game as Paddock or square game. This is a multiple-player game, the player with a higher number of squares will win the game.

Names in other countries:
In Portuguese game knowns as pontos e caixas,quadrado, jogo do pontinho or pontinhos. Turkish kutu ve kare or kare oyunu boardgames In Italy game called as punti; In Bulgaria its called as dots точки

Key Features of Dots and Boxes:

- Dots and Boxes is a multiplayer game
- The players have the option to select the size of the grid. (6*3, 7*4, and 8*5)
- Play with your friend on a Private table
- Tournament will come in the next phase.
- The players get to witness the amazing UI of the game as they cross the levels
- Different options for playing the game: Online, Pass & play, and V/S computer

So, does this game excite you enough? Then download this game to go back to your golden nostalgic childhood and relive it in an even more joyous way.