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Tag : School

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    Ibbleobble Face Stickers

    If you're having FABtastic day, let people know by sharing a fun-packed smiley Lola face! We think Mr Mousey's 'love eyes' are perfect if you're feeling ro...

  • High School Music Stars

    High School Music Stars

    by Channel Kids


      Start your very own cool high school music band in this rock and roll themed Music Girls - High School Band game. Pick your favorite girl to head the band. Design the ...

  • Word Catcher

    Word Catcher

    by Dario Pettigrosso


    Word Catcher is a educative game that allows you to learn new words. Have fun and challenge your mind remembering new words! Now you can catch words in Spanish!!

  • 8 Ball Pool + Snooker

    8 Ball Pool + Snooker

    by Megaclip


    8 BALL POOL + SNOOKER -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. #1 Billard game in the world by MegaClip : 8 Ball + Snooker FEATURES : -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-...

  • Block Puzzle Plus: China style

    Block Puzzle Plus: China style

    by PyramidaGames


    New game Block Puzzle China style with exciting four game modes, where you need  break and clear the playing field, find the fairy diamonds to add yourself rotations or r...

  • Brain Battle

    Brain Battle

    by Radim Chamr√°d


    Good old pen & paper game known from schooldays is now on mobile! That’s Brain Battle. Grab your knowledge of cars, animals, actors and actresses and many more cate...

  • Block Puzzle 2 POP Bubble

    Block Puzzle 2 POP Bubble

    by PyramidaGames


    Demystify smartly built puzzles by Block Puzzle Classic with game boards 10x10. Block Puzzle Pop Bubbles is a challenging puzzle game with a simple gameplay. Support 3 Game m...

  • Popular
    Toon Clash Chess

    Discover Chess the fun way! The perfect brain workout for everyone. Enjoy chess as you never did, coming to live through the help of the wonderful 3D animated characters in t...

  • Kids Learning - Poems, Rhymes, Stories, eBooks

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Kids Learning, an online portal for children, teachers and parents.  We bring to you a great number of interesting activities that rang...

  • Follow the Line : Glow Style

    Follow the Line : Glow Style

    by PyramidaGames


    Elegant and simple finger-runner in a new beautiful form. There are over 50 mazes available - you will never be bored! Keep your finger on the screen, stay inside the zigzag l...

  • School Bus Coach Driving

    School Bus Coach Driving

    by Lisa Jeff


    Time to Pick kids students & drop them to school with new school bus coach driving game! Did you ever dream to drive the huge School Bus Coach? Or Are you scared to drive ...

  • Popular
    Wilma's Magic

    Wilma just got her own app and it's full of magic. Help her travel in a dazzling world full of colorful surprises! Just tap, tap, tap to make the this adorable butterfly a...