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  • Memory Game

    Memory Game

    by Premium Software


    Exercise your memory with the memory game, guess the animals, cars, vehicles, vegetables and fruits. If you like puzzles or other quizzes the memory game is for you. Memory is...

  • Gods Puzzle XL: for SMITE

    Gods Puzzle XL: for SMITE

    by Vinh Nguyen


    The XL edition of our fast-paced puzzle game with the gods from SMITE®! This game has more than 500 levels and 500 photos. Complete the quest by swiping through all the go...

  • Jelly Candy Blast

    Now you can pop the Jellies and candies with Lots of fun to be explored cool candies to be blasted by you.

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    Sweet Balls

    Collision two balls, driving one of them! A ride on the fun levels, go through all the ingenious traps. Draw a line that blue ball easily overcome the obstacles! -----------...

  • Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

    Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

    by PyramidaGames


    Pikablocks is an exclusive puzzle game block design with poké characters like pika chu ... Pikachu block game poké Edition contains best puzzle tiles with exciti...

  • Pikachu Blocks 2: block Puzzle

    Pikachu Blocks 2: block Puzzle

    by PyramidaGames


    Pikachu Block Puzzle 2 is an exclusive game block design with poké characters like pika chu ... block 2 poké Edition contains best puzzle tiles with exciting fou...

  • Dominoes Merge - Block Puzzle

    Dominoes Merge - Block Puzzle

    by PyramidaGames


    Classic dominoes puzzle is free now. It's the most famous merge puzzle and brain game. As a classic puzzle game, Dominoes Merge Puzzle is popular for a long time. No matte...

  • Frases y Estados Para Toda Ocasión

    Si buscar lanzar un mensaje romántico, de amistad, o positivo a través de tus redes sociales pero no sabes ya de dónde sacar la inspiración, Frases...

  • Music Piano: Glow Tiles

    Music Piano: Glow Tiles

    by PyramidaGames


    Music Piano (Black & White Tiles) is very simple to play! Tap the colored tiles, don’t tap the white tiles in space. Do not miss any colored tiles ever after high sp...

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    Gif Maker Free, Video to GIF

    Gif Maker Free, Video to GIF

    by Neeraj App Store


    Create animated GIF pictures from your videos with GIF Maker, Video to GIF App. The app provides awesome Gif creator tools for making amazing animated pictures. - Select any...

  • Jolly Duels - Multiplayer match three game

    ◈ The sweetest multiplayer game ever! ◈ Over 1 000 000 players worldwide ◈ Exciting match-3 gameplay "I love match-3 games and the feeling of competing with real p...

  • Gomoku


    by Y.S.Kidgames


    Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game, also called Gobang,Tic Tac Toe or Five in a Row. Black plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an e...