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Tag : Memory

  • Memory Monitor - Disk, Storage & Processor info

    This App allows for monitoring and optimising your iPhone/iPad or iOS device. With this app, you can get the information of your device Parameters such as disk usage, processo...

  • best free pro photo editor

    best free pro photo editor

    by ag abellah


    Valentines photo éditeur est une application pour Android fait pour les gens dans les valentines d'écrire sur leur photos pour la nouvelle valentine pour 201...

  • Alphabet Games for kids

    Alphabet Games for kids

    by Y.S.Kidgames


    A game set about Alphabet includes 13 puzzle and action games.  Help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity. It aims to teach children ...

  • RPG Match The Pair Game

    RPG Match The Pair Game

    by Kazmallar Games


    RPG Match The Pair Game version: 1.0.1 Category: Puzzle Short Description: Entertaining RPG style puzzle-game to train your memory and skills. Full Description: If ...

  • Popular
    Memory Mines - Bomb Sweep

    Fifty mines. Ten are active. Use your memory to clear the rest! Test your brain and mind with Memory Mines, a fun casual puzzle game that requires your skills in memorisation...

  • Kid Mode: Math Game

    Kid Mode: Math Game

    by D2TCompany


    Kid Mode: Math game is a unique intellectual games with educational purposes for children. Game played high thinking helps children develop the basic math skills through fun g...

  • Power Cleaner

    Power Cleaner

    by Lee Nash


    Power Cleaner is a powerful Android speed booster & toolbox which includes functions such as cleaning junk files, boosting memory & game speed, searching history &...

  • Popular
    Smart Battery Master

    Smart Battery Master

    by AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


    Smart Battery Master app provides best features to optimise and save the battery life of your phone or tablet. Whenever battery runs low or goes down too much then just tap th...

  • Animal Memory Match

    Animal Memory Match

    by kiyan softech


     Animal Memory Match Games * => Animals Memory Match game for kids which help develop memory skills of children. => Playing this animals matching game with your k...

  • Fiery Guitar On Water LWP

    This is Fiery Guitar On Water LWP for your android tablet and phone screen.makes your phone and tablet screen alive and beautiful for this live wallpaper.Thanks for download m...

  • Popular
    Thanksgiving Games for kids

    Thanksgiving Games for kids

    by Y.S.Kidgames


    A Thanksgiving  game set include 16 games. This entertaining educational game for preschool kids, that helps to develop motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination skills, im...

  • Popular
    Sweet Little Dwarfs 3 - Halloween Party

    Halloween is coming! In the Kingdom of the Sweet Little Dwarfs they are preparing to celebrate Halloween night. This will be a fun party with Milla and Marty, and you can help...