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Tag : Match

  • Pudi - A  Color Matching Game

    Pudi is an addictive game where you play with falling dots in an endless arcade. Connect dots with the wheel at the bottom of the screen as they fall Tetris-fashion at increa...

  • Kitty Cat Puzzles

    You love little cute kittens? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Kitty Cat Puzzles is the right cat app! These cute cats games contain   6 level...

  • Popular
    Petal Pop Adventure

    Join Fairy Flower Petal and her friend rabbit as they go on their Petal Pop Adventures through the Little Forest and beyond. With a sprinkle of fairy dust for good luck and a ...

  • Jolly Duels - Multiplayer match three game

    ◈ The sweetest multiplayer game ever! ◈ Over 1 000 000 players worldwide ◈ Exciting match-3 gameplay "I love match-3 games and the feeling of competing with real p...

  • best free pro photo editor

    best free pro photo editor

    by ag abellah


    Valentines photo éditeur est une application pour Android fait pour les gens dans les valentines d'écrire sur leur photos pour la nouvelle valentine pour 201...

  • super mario run

    super mario run

    by ag abellah


    Final Fantasy adventures hero boy in many worlds adventure boy like game the thrones, our  Final Fantasy adventure  boy hero is a  a new super adventure boy gam...

  • Popular
    Jewels Star 2017

    A relaxing game you can play for free. Great fun for you, your family, your friends, and everyone. Jewels Star 2017 is a brand new game brings a new way of match 3 fun. ...

  • Alphabet Games for kids

    Alphabet Games for kids

    by Y.S.Kidgames


    A game set about Alphabet includes 13 puzzle and action games.  Help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity. It aims to teach children ...

  • RPG Match The Pair Game

    RPG Match The Pair Game

    by Kazmallar Games


    RPG Match The Pair Game version: 1.0.1 Category: Puzzle Short Description: Entertaining RPG style puzzle-game to train your memory and skills. Full Description: If ...

  • Jewels Star 2017

    Jewels Star 2017

    by Thanh Vo


    Welcome to Jewels Star 2017  A comfortable game you can play for free. Great fun for you, your family, your friends, and everyone. Jewels Star 2017 is a brand new game ...

  • Fruit Link Splash

    Fruit Link Splash

    by Amir Khan


      Fruit Link Splash is a very good Matching & Linking Puzzle Game, In Which you have to match and link 3 or more Fruits to make score and clear levels by rising your...

  • Bubble Puppy: Puzzle Adventure

    Bubble Puppy: Puzzle Adventure

    by D2TCompany


    If you're a fan of match 3 games like shoot the bubble, shooting dinosaur eggs, you definitely can not ignore the best games, the most attractive of them that's my Bub...