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Tag : Hero

  • super jack Adventure new 2017

    super jack Adventure new 2017

    by Salah Salah


    welcome to the wold of my game super jack Adventure Jungle or super super jackAdventure new 2017 it is about an game Adventure an ordinary  guy named super jack,  Wh...

  • mister bin flying in a plane

    mister bin flying in a plane

    by Salah Salah


    Mister bin flying in plane 2017 games it is good. Mr bin flying in a plane is the brand new games of the same producers from the  Mr Bin flying in a plane flies with your...

  • super girl adventure free 2017

    super girl adventure free 2017

    by ag abellah


    Smart phone can interact with your doll for fun! Touch the phone, and the doll will respond to you! 3 languages available now, Chinese£¬English and Russian.  ...

  • Fat Jumping Ninja

    Fat Jumping Ninja

    by Crank Goblin


    Help Fat Ninja to jump higher and higher. Reach unreached platforms! There are 4 ninjas to unlock - each of them is faster than wind and quicker than sound (or something like ...

  • Surprise Eggs Princess Star

    Surprise Eggs Princess Star

    by Princess Star


    Open the chocolate eggs and discover the surprise toy in this  game for kids. Eggs Surprise is an entertaining and fun game designed for little children from 1 year of a...

  • Rescue Bearded Archery Game

    Rescue Bearded Archery Game

    by Blue Star Game


    Brave archers, we need your help! Trouble occurred in our kingdom, some evil villains, the beard hanging on the gallows. They suffer and suffocate. Can be heard from around th...

  • Color Split Match

    Color Split Match

    by Blue Star Game


    Welcome to this colorful world! The Color Split Match is a one-touch arcade, and you have to press a jump ball. Colorful balls pass only with obstacles of the same color. Coll...

  • Invasion Of Barbarians

    Invasion Of Barbarians

    by Денис Кузин

    Once upon a time… My lord, our lands are attacked!  Having been got out of naked women, accompanied with heart-rending servant’s shout, you harried up to a...

  • العصفور الذكي 2017

    العصفور الذكي 2017

    by Mohamed Amine Infographic


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    Clash of Champs

    Rise to the top of the heavyweight game in Clash of Champs – the latest all-action app from Shannon Briggs. With simple one-touch controls, Clash of Champs puts your re...

  • Super Sheep

    The end of the world has come and the world is in danger of being destroyed by the aliens and giant meteorites, but there is a little hero that is arranged to save the it by f...

  • Crush Fruit Paradise

    Crush Fruit Paradise

    by Blue Star Game


    Crush Fruit Paradise is the best match 3 puzzle game Amazing fruit and a very addictive, including fresh fruit. If hungry juice just touched, and by matching three or more ide...