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Tag : Hard

  • Pudi - A  Color Matching Game

    Pudi is an addictive game where you play with falling dots in an endless arcade. Connect dots with the wheel at the bottom of the screen as they fall Tetris-fashion at increa...

  • Pronto Piping Game

    Pronto Piping Game

    by Ken Lawton


    Puzzle/Action game. Attach segments of pipe to let the water flow. The object of the game is to make contiguous segments of pipes so that the water can flow through them. You...

  • Zig Zag React

    Zig Zag React

    by Icon E


    Train your Coordination! Move along the wall and collect all diamonds. The colored symbols show you the directions where you can move. Press the appropriate button at the r...

  • super girl adventure free 2017

    super girl adventure free 2017

    by ag abellah


    Smart phone can interact with your doll for fun! Touch the phone, and the doll will respond to you! 3 languages available now, Chinese£¬English and Russian.  ...

  • Popular
    Balloon Duck

    Duck, duck, duck... DUCK. Here is a short story about a little duck that was unable to fly on it's own. But he still wanted to, just like his other duck friends. He was sa...

  • Kampret Ninja Run

    Kampret Ninja Run

    by Ardi Hasa


    This is a funny and simple action adventure game of pink ninja with funny prank secret features that can make you shock, scare, and laugh, or maybe even cry. The first featur...

  • Roll N Bass

    Roll n Base! Roll through the (im)possible levels to the beat of the base! Do you like listening to drum and bass and playing games at the same time? Well, we have good news ...

  • Plasma Ball

    Plasma Ball

    by TN-Interactive


    Use a plasma ball to shoot all obstacles before they reach the bottom. Control the ball by drawing shields in certain angles. Features: - Unlock different balls - Use power-...

  • Gomoku


    by Y.S.Kidgames


    Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game, also called Gobang,Tic Tac Toe or Five in a Row. Black plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an e...

  • Popular
    Memory Mines - Bomb Sweep

    Fifty mines. Ten are active. Use your memory to clear the rest! Test your brain and mind with Memory Mines, a fun casual puzzle game that requires your skills in memorisation...

  • Syncomania. One swipe to rule them all.

    Syncomania. One swipe to rule them all.

    by Eduard Krasilnikov


    Hi! We are a mathematician and a physicist from Kazan, Russia. This is our puzzle game about four heroes (made in gorgeous white). All the heroes and their (sexy red) enemi...

  • Paper Aircraft

    Paper Aircraft

    by Squatting Monkeys


    In Paper Aircraft, glide your virtual paper plane through an increasingly tricky slalom course. Take it slow in Endless mode or zip through several Time Attack courses. The tw...