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Tag : Endless

  • Pudi - A  Color Matching Game

    Pudi is an addictive game where you play with falling dots in an endless arcade. Connect dots with the wheel at the bottom of the screen as they fall Tetris-fashion at increa...

  • Gravity Simulator Game

    Gravity Simulator Game

    by Ken Lawton


    Gravity Simulator. Create your own solar system! Place new objects anywhere on the screen. Slide to give them a vector (flight path). All objects interact with all other obje...

  • Swerve Cube

    Swerve Cube

    by Ahmed Tintini


    Swerve Cube How far can you get? Tap the left side of your screen for left and right side of your screen for right. Swerve around and try not to lose! Tell friends and fam...

  • Jumppy Egg

    Jumppy Egg

    by Deepak Porwal


    * Tap to Jump, Jump to play. * Never hit by ball. * make your best score. * super addictive. * compete for best score in the world. * flappy bird type game. * play games servi...

  • Rabbit Run !

    Rabbit Run !

    by Dimitri Sk


    This is a great 2D Rabbit Runner. You can collect Coins and so unlock many new Rabbits ! Have Fun !

  • super girl adventure free 2017

    super girl adventure free 2017

    by ag abellah


    Smart phone can interact with your doll for fun! Touch the phone, and the doll will respond to you! 3 languages available now, Chinese£¬English and Russian.  ...

  • Monkey Stick Crossing

    Monkey Stick Crossing

    by Dane Sharp


    Let's play Monkey Stick Crossing.... Can you get your monkey across the jungle? With a tap of the finger (or opposable thumb), you can drop the stick and get your monkey c...

  • Butts in Space

    Butts in Space

    by The Dusty Tophat Ltd.


    Play as your favorite butt in this uniquely weird space adventure. Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe and left you stranded among the stars. Dodge as...

  • Popular
    Super Jetpack Penguin

    Super Jetpack Penguin

    by ag abellah


    Super Jetpack Penguin blasts on to your Android device in a trail of bruised and battered sharks, birds and jellyfish (to name a few!). Simple one touch game play! Dive to cat...

  • Popular
    Fred Up of Love

    Fred Up of Love

    by Paul Garcia


    INGIC has launched its new endless running game, called "Fred Up of Love". The Game is about a guy named "Fred" who had a breakup, but on the Valentine'...

  • Popular
    Balloon Duck

    Duck, duck, duck... DUCK. Here is a short story about a little duck that was unable to fly on it's own. But he still wanted to, just like his other duck friends. He was sa...

  • Toilet Diver

    Toilet Diver

    by TN-Interactive


    Dive as deep as you can while dodging piles of ****! Pick up power-ups to get an advantage and collect coins to upgrade these power-ups. You can compare your high score with...