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Tag : Color

  • Magic Falls Zipper Lock Screen

    The murmur of the water is helping you doze off and it resembles the greatest lullaby. Little droplets are reaching your face, and you cannot stop admiring the fascinating sce...

  • Beautiful Tulips Zipper Lock

    We are here to help you turn your smartphone or tablet into a floral garden. It will be like you are sitting outside and breathing the fresh air. Unzip your popular Beautiful ...

  • Lilly Zipper Lock Screen

    Lilly Zipper Lock Screen

    by Eonetek


    One little part of nature is coming on your smartphone or tablet and is going to turn it into a floral garden. You will be able to enjoy gazing at your favorite blossoms with ...

  • Air Balloon Zipper Lock Screen

    We are here to take you for a ride! If you are not afraid of heights you can come with us! When you unzip your smartphone or tablet and see the most astonishing photos you wil...

  • Dragon Photo Crop

    Dragon Photo Crop

    by Eonetek


    You have heard a lot about them in fairytales and folklore stories and they don’t cease to impress you. Theses fearless creatures that blow fire have been a symbol in Ch...

  • Popular
    AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles

    AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, where you link matching pieces together to discover beautiful hidden patterns. Features: - Easy for anyone to pick up and...

  • Popular
    Missile Escape

    Missile Escape

    by Kolibri Studio


    Missile Escape is a simple, fast paced and addictive 2D game where your mission is to dodge all homing missiles that comes towards you with one single objective: shoot you dow...

  • Colorful


    by Desoft


    Colorful is a 2D-Arcade game with an addicting gameplay.  Create your very own gamemode or change colors, so that it fits all in your needs! The principle is easy to un...

  • FlashLights&Torch


    by Bilal Yemlahi


    The Flashlights&Torch application, which is used to operate the camera flash to illuminate the most important and difficult applications, so that almost no smart phone is ...

  • Color Dash World

    Color Dash World

    by Erkurheart Gaming


    Color Dash is a action, adventure type arcade game with a fast and unique colorful twist. Jump, run, vanish, blast your way thru colorful obstacles while collecting points to ...

  • Add Text On Picture

    Add Text On Picture

    by Latest Application And Games


    Check out what we have prepared for you and download free the newest ☆Add Text On Picture☆app. With it, you will have the opportunity to add words on images and make amazi...

  • Mount Fuji Zipper Lock Screen

    You can now rejoice since the most incredible photos of nature are coming on your device. The popular Mount Fuji Zipper Lock Screen is taking you outdoors to admire the perfec...