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Tag : Cartoon

  • Candy Fever 2 Match 3 Puzzles

    Candy Fever 2 Match 3 Puzzles

    by Karumgoleeut Zuhagmeeta


    Candy Fever 2 Match 3 Puzzles  there are Big fan for sweet candy puzzle game? Match and collect 3 or more candies in Candy Sweet Fever Store. Create sweet boosters to ach...

  • Kitty's Way

    Kitty's Way

    by J.T. Projects


    The little Kitten has got lost. Help him to find a way to his mother. You will need to build the road for him using tools (ladders, bridges, boxes, etc). The level will be ach...

  • Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    by WhitePanther Studios


    Help the little viking looting all the treasures. Solve tricky brain teasing puzzles with the little viking in the dungeon of doom. Get golds and unlock levels. The more you m...

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    Ibbleobble Face Stickers

    If you're having FABtastic day, let people know by sharing a fun-packed smiley Lola face! We think Mr Mousey's 'love eyes' are perfect if you're feeling ro...

  • Tuko's Escape

    Tuko's Escape

    by Roobio


    Guide our friend Tuko, a cute and glutton toucan, through the mine where he accidentally fell after being shot by a poacher. He can't fly because he has a wounded wing, bu...

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    Knight's tour

    Knight's tour

    by fynteam


    Knight's Tour is a variation on a classic puzzle that involves moving a knight around a chessboard. It's an exciting game in which you collect coins by moving in an &q...

  • Snap Photo Filters & Stickers

    Snap Photo Filters & Stickers

    by CoolCraftStudio


    Want to make attractive and wonderful photos with filters and hanging cute emoji and smiley stickers?  Snap Photo Filters and Stickers allows you to create amazing Selfie...

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    Emoji Friends

    Emoji Friends

    by Rodrigo Graça


    Emoji Friends​ ​ is a platformer game where you have to guide your chosen emoji hero to his friends avoiding the obstacles throughout his journey. Featuring 15 different e...

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    Ibbleobble Weather Stickers

    Ibbleobble weather stickers are here! Bring your iMessage to life with these super cool weather stickers. Tell your family and friends about the current weather with one simp...

  • Rex To The Rescue

    Rex To The Rescue

    by G Machine


    Rex To The Rescue is a fun, endless climber game starring Rex, a firefighting dalmatian. Help Rex climb ladders, put out fires, avoid falling objects, and rescu...

  • Pencil Sketch Maker

    Pencil Sketch Maker

    by Aman Kumar


    Pencil Sketch Maker app provides you most creative tools for photo sketch. You can make your art photo gallery with simple artistic look in pencil drawing. This app allow...

  • Ant Fight

    Ant Fight

    by Nguyễn Danh Thu


    Hello everyone, We would like to introduce "Ant Fight", a mini arcade game. It's funny. Base on an ideal of an entertaining game to play in a short time, &ldqu...